8 Ways To Elevate Your Game Room – Game Tables & More!

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, it’s the time of year to begin prepping for weekend-long guests and festive events you may be hosting. Having an exciting space for entertaining is a must, and updating your game room with a new game table or eye-catching accessories, can make this year’s parties better than ever!

A game room can provide an easy way to entertain both kids and adults and can take the stress out of hosting. Stop worrying about how to keep everyone busy with fun activities and get back to making memories that will last a lifetime.

Your game room can be elevated by adding some family-friendly game tables or through bold statement pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing!

If you’re looking for a way to take the stress out of hosting and want to update your game room this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you’ll discover ways to elevate your game room before the holidays and how you can add some flair to your existing space!

Let’s get started.

8 Ways To Elevate Your Game Room

If you’ve been looking for new design elements to incorporate into your existing game room or have been considering how to make your room more appealing to both adults and kids, there are items you can add to your space to meet those goals.

Our team at Bemister’s Pool & Patio has been helping elevate game rooms across New Hampshire for over 50 years, and throughout that time, we’ve discovered that even the most minor additions can make BIG improvements!

Here are some of our favorite ways we’ve seen people bring their game room to the next level!

1. Add an Air Hockey Table

Air hockey tables are a great family-friendly addition to any game room. These tables are substantial enough to be the centerpiece of your space while also giving you flexibility with where you place them because only two ends need to be exposed.

This allows you to move them along one side of your room, freeing up the middle area for other options.

Air hockey tables come in two distinct styles, each having a unique influence over your space.

If you have kids and want something that’s easy to clean and can withstand the wear and tear of exhilarating games, a table like the V-Force 2.0 Air Hockey Table will likely be your best choice.

With scuff-proof ice and aluminum rails, you can rest assured your table will be durable enough to withstand any challenge your kids can throw at it.

For something a bit more aesthetically pleasing yet just as durable, you might enjoy the Premium Air Hockey Table from Brunswick Billiards®.

With an impressive weathered oak finish and aluminum rails with steel corners, this table is a powerhouse that will draw the attention of everyone who walks into your room.

As an added bonus, this table provides both an elegant appearance, as well as added functionality. Compatible with a table tennis conversion top, you can switch up your games without needing multiple tables!

2. Invest in a Pool Table

Pool tables are a highly sought-after game room addition and can become an awe-inducing centerpiece to your room, especially when paired with unique pool table accessories!

A challenging round of pool is a great way to entertain your guests, bringing everyone together as you watch an exhilarating one vs. one match or cheer on your friends during an exciting tournament between couples!

Whether you’re aiming for a classic, earthy aesthetic or want a game room with a bright, modern vibe, there is a table for everyone.

For game rooms with a contemporary style, tables like the Matanza from Brunswick Billiards® may fit best in your space. With a unique but stable pedestal-style foundation and a smooth wood-finished surface, this table can complete your room, adding an edge to its aesthetic.

If you enjoy a more traditional, classic style, you may enjoy tables like the St. Andrews from Olhausen Billiards®. With its elegant carved appearance and its solid wood style, this table can create an old-school club feel to your game room, leaving your guests feeling like they’ve entered a ritzy pool hall from the past!

3. Give The Gift of Foosball

Foosball is a game that can transport people back in time, reminding them of the carefree fun they’d have in university or of the hilarious foosball games they grew up watching on Friends. This game can be a great way to create deeper bonds with your loved ones while adding a sense of nostalgia to your game room.

Foosball tables are a great addition to any game room, and with their compact size, are easy to find a place for, even if you already have a larger game table in your space.

These tables are fairly standard when it comes to their build and gameplay. Where they truly shine is their outer aesthetic. These tables can come with faux wood finishes for a classy style or a stark white and black design for a chic, modern edge.

Whichever style you choose, your foosball table is sure to draw people in and can create lifelong memories for everyone that visits!

4. Bring Golf Indoors with a Putting Green

If you have a lover of golf in your family, indoor putting greens can be a great way to bring the feeling of summer to your game room.

For many, winter means putting their clubs away and eagerly waiting for warm weather to return so the golf course can reopen. Including a putting green in your game room can make that wait more enjoyable and give your loved ones a way to practice their putts over the winter.

The golf lovers in your families will love stepping into your room and discovering there’s something special that’s been waiting for them. Create deeper bonds and leave your guests feeling valued by including a putting green in a corner of your game room!

5. Create a Custom Wet Bar

The holidays are a popular time to celebrate with festive drinks and the clinking of glasses as you raise your cups to celebrate the holidays and your loved ones.

Including a custom wet bar can be a powerful addition to your space, giving you a way to easily make drinks right from your main entertainment room.

Custom bars are not only a statement piece, but they also serve as a fun element where you can create unique cocktails or make set menus during holiday parties!

If you’ve been thinking of adding a home bar to your room, consider throwing a “building party” where all your friends come and help build the bar and enjoy an evening social afterward!

6. Add Unique Accessories

Accessorizing your space can be a great way to amp up your aesthetic and create an unforgettable experience for your guests. The elements you include in your room’s design can add pops of vibrancy or be functional aspects that add personality.

Some accessories you might enjoy in your space could include:

  • Custom neon light displays
  • Wall racks for your pool cues and balls
  • Dartboards
  • A classic jukebox
  • A high-end sound system
  • Sports posters to match your main game table, like hockey posters
  • A scoreboard

Whatever you choose to add to your space, ensure it fits with your aesthetic and doesn’t overcrowd your room.

7.  Make a “Chill Zone”

Everyone has different interests, and if you have kids or host parties that are kid-friendly, creating a chill zone can be a great way to keep them entertained all day long.

For this space, you could include big beanbags or a comfy couch facing a big screen. Consider adding a variety of game systems so your kids can switch between their favorite games and play alongside their friends or siblings while the adults socialize.

This zone can even be made to suit the adults at your party as well, serving as a comfortable gathering area where your guests can relax while they socialize. To cater to adults, consider adding some armchairs or stools with some side tables for drinks to rest on.

8. Upgrade Your Lighting

How your room is lit can have a significant impact on its aesthetic and can help draw your guest’s attention to particular items in the room.

For example, adding some display lighting to your wall fixtures can make them seem important and give them an added layer of dimension.

Or, you could add some bold Edison bulbs that hang above your game table, giving your space an industrial-style aesthetic.

This could even be underlighting on your tables, casting a glow from beneath, or backlighting on your wall decals, making them look as if they’re floating!

Shop Game Tables at Bemister’s Pool & Patio

Elevating your game room before the holidays begin can be a great way to feel more prepared than ever to host exciting events for your family and friends this season.

Bemister’s Pool & Patio has everything you need to create a game room you can’t wait to share! With top-of-the-line brands and some of the best prices you’ll find, we’re New Hampshire’s go-to store for home and leisure essentials!

Visit one of our three showrooms, or contact your local store to discover how you can upgrade your game room today!

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