Buying a Pool Table – 10 Things You Need to Know First

Whether you’ve just started the exciting process of buying a pool table or have been long considering investing in one, being prepared is essential.

While pool tables can be an amazing addition to your home, they’re an investment, and like any other, it’s important to be prepared before making that purchase.

With the right table, your game room will become a coveted space among your friends and one you’ll be able to get tons of use (and enjoyment) out of.

However, if you accidentally purchase the wrong table or miss a couple of steps in the preparation process, you might end up with a final product you’re less than thrilled about.

This is one of the reasons why it’s important to do your research and be prepared before choosing your new pool table.

Luckily, we’re going to give you everything you need to easily find the perfect table for you!

Below, you’ll find the ten most important things you need to know before buying a pool table.

Not only will this list help you choose the right table for your space and lifestyle, but you’ll also discover some essential steps to ensure you’re prepared every step of the way.

Let’s get started.

10 Things to Know Before Buying a Pool Table

Choosing your pool table is far more than simply finding one that you like.

There are many things to consider before settling on your perfect table, and when you’re able to be fully prepared during each step of the buying process, you’ll be sure to end up with a table and game room you love.

Before you spend your hard-earned money, here are ten things you should know about buying a pool table!

1. The Size of Your Game Room

Whether you plan on installing your pool table in a game room or simply want to bring some excitement to your basement, the space you’re working with matters.

Pool tables aren’t small items and can range anywhere from 6 feet to 12 feet in length.

When considering the size of your pool table, you’ll need to account for more than just its length. You’ll need a substantial amount of space around the entire table to ensure a smooth playing experience.

Not only will you need enough room to move comfortably around the perimeter of your table during a game, but you’ll also need enough room for your cue. The last thing you want is a less-than-enjoyable game because your cue can’t properly be extended to line up your shot.

Before buying a pool table, measure your room so that you have a clear understanding of the amount of space you’re working with.

2. Your Budget

Pool tables are an investment, and while some dealerships offer financing options, as we do, not everyone does.

While pool tables can have a significant range in price, knowing your budget will help you narrow down your potential options.

When setting your budget, it’s important to consider the other costs associated with buying a pool table.

You’ll need to consider the overall cost of the table, as well as any additional costs that may come with it, such as:

  • Installation
  • Set-up
  • Future relocation costs
  • Accessories
  • Maintenance costs

Some of these costs may be included in your final purchase price, so it’s important to consult with your Bemister’s sales associate when determining if a pool table fits into your budget.

However, things like your pool table accessories, such as extra cues, racks, or chalk, will be additional costs after purchasing your table.

Your table may also need maintenance in the future, especially if it’s knocked off balance. While these costs may be few and far between, it’s important to be aware of them before buying.

To make setting your budget easy, request pricing for any of the pool tables on our site that interest you. Knowing what to expect and the window you can work within will help you create the optimum budget for your table.

3. The Size Options for Your Table

As mentioned above, the size of your room has a significant impact on your potential pool tables.

If you have a large space, you can essentially choose any pool table, however, the size of your table will change your gameplay.

For example, if you’re going to be using your table to teach your kids how to play, you may want to opt for one that’s smaller so that they’ll have more success and an easier playing experience.

However, if it’s just adults that will be using your table, as long as you have enough space for each size table, the choice is yours!

4. How Your Pool Table Will be Used

How you plan on using your pool table will be a significant aspect to consider before settling on a table.

Teaching your kids to play affects more than just the size of your table. This also changes the type of table you might want to invest in.

Tables come in various styles and can be made of a mixture of materials. While classic wood tables may be a stunning addition to your room, they aren’t the most kid-friendly option.

If your table will be used often, especially from children and teens, you’ll want to consider one that is easy to clean and can withstand the extra wear and tear it’ll experience.

For example, the Champion Pro II pool table from Olhausen Billiards not only has a solid foundation but also has a full laminate finish, making it easy to wipe down anytime it gets dirty.

Alternatively, the Black Wolf pool table from Brunswick Billiards was designed for heavy wear and tear with durable metal pocket corners and a laminate finish.

5. Different Pool Table Materials

Pool tables come in a wide variety of styles, and what they’re made of can influence which ones would be a good fit for you.

While we already touched on laminate vs wood above, there are two other aspects you’ll want to consider the material of when shopping for your pool table:

  • The felt
  • The tabletop

Most notably, the felt on your table is an important factor in your play experience, with some being more durable than others or allowing for smoother gameplay. One of the best and most common table fabrics is made using a blend of felt and worsted wool.

Your tabletop is the hard surface below your felt.

The most durable tabletop material is slate, however, it’s incredibly heavy and often comes in a set of three panels to make up your table. While strong, the multi-section tabletop makes it more susceptible to being pushed off balance if used improperly.

Other tabletop materials you might see include fiberboard or plastic.

6. Consider Your Desired Aesthetic

How you want your space to look will play a heavy influence on the table you end up investing in.

Tables generally come in three distinct styles:

  • Classic
  • Contemporary
  • Modern

Classic tables are the grand wood tables most would envision when the topic of pool tables arises.

These are large wooden tables that often come with intricately carved legs and railings, such as the St. Andrews pool table from Olhausen Billiards. Typically, these tables also have green or red felt.

Contemporary tables are ones that maintain the same general shape as classic tables but have a more polished look while also boasting a more colorful, eye-catching felt, like the Gold Crown VI pool table.

Modern tables are those that have broken the traditional mold and have recreated what a pool table is expected to be. These tables generally have awe-inducing designs, unique legs, and sharp edges, such as the Luxor pool table.

When choosing your table, consider how it would look in your space and if it would cultivate the style and personality you want to bring to your room.

7. How to Take Care of Your Pool Table

After buying your pool table, you’ll want to ensure you do everything you can to extend its expected lifespan.

Knowing how to care for your table is an essential aspect of this.

Your pool table care routine should include things like:

  • Brushing the felt
  • Keeping it covered
  • Never moving it on your own
  • Making repairs in your felt as soon as tears occur
  • Cleaning the felt

Pool tables wear down naturally with use, however, leaving them uncovered and exposed to the sun or engaging in rough gameplay can cause them to wear down much faster. After choosing your table, verify how to properly care for it based on the materials it’s made of.

8. Plan for a Professional Installation

Pool tables are heavy!

In fact, most tables weigh around 650 lbs, with some being even heavier. The weight, however, is not the only reason you should be ensuring it’s installed by a professional.

Pool tables need to be perfectly level to ensure a predictable, enjoyable playing experience, and this isn’t an easy thing to do on your own.

Having a professional install your table will ensure your tabletop doesn’t get damaged in the process and that your table is level and properly installed in your game room.

When it comes time for your pool table to arrive, plan for a professional to install it. Some dealerships or brands have professional installation included in their delivery fee, so be sure to check with your sales expert regarding this.

9. Don’t Skip the Warranty

While pool tables are built using durable, high-quality materials, there’s always a risk of issues arising.

As with any significant investment, you’ll want to ensure your table comes with a warranty so that you’re covered should anything happen to your table, whether that be it needing to be releveled or repairs being made.

Without a warranty, you risk facing expensive costs in the future should anything go wrong.

10. Shop Alongside a Professional

While you now have the knowledge to significantly narrow down your options, working alongside a professional who has extensive industry-specific knowledge is vital in ensuring you choose the right one.

Pool tables are complex pieces of furniture, and the only way to ensure the one you choose can meet all your needs is by working with a professional.

Buying a Pool Table in New Hampshire

Bemisters Pool & Patio has been serving the residents of New Hampshire for over 70 years, and with their extensive knowledge in all things home leisure, their team of experts can help you discover your dream pool table with ease.

Whether you’re looking to buy a pool table or simply need a reliable service provider to help maintain your existing table, we’ve got everything you need.

Contact us to get started, or visit one of our three showrooms to explore your options today.

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